Do You Have This Web Development Checklist?

As you are planning to take your business to the online market, it is good to note the things that will create good visitor’s experience for your kind of crowd. Site visits can be a great source of conversion, and there is no other way to keep people attracted to your site than these website elements listed below:


When it comes to web development, a site should be built, foremost, for the user. A site as a money generating portal, should be usable. It may not be winner of best design but it must meet usability requirements.

SEO Friendly

Do you know that your site can be provided almost 80% of total visits through search engine results? Then, you have to make your site attractive for search engines, too! Get a good position in rankings. Page 1 in searches should be your goal.

Visitor Monitoring

You cannot be in business long when you do not know where your customers are coming from. You might take a wrong direction when you miss tracking who your customers are. Tracking program should be a vital part of your business strategy. Track your site users with integrated web analytics tools.

Fresh Content

No one wants to visit a site that has stale topics every time they check the blog page. Insist on your regular presence with valuable updates. If you cannot cope with writing new content on a regular basis, perhaps you can post newer photos to keep them interested.

Reliable Server

As a marketing site, you have to be up 24/7 or you’ll have visitors get disappointed when they cannot load your site whenever they need it. Hook up with a secure and reliable server so you never have to deal with nasty visits as well.

Your web development scheme must come hand in hand with your total Online Marketing tactic if you do not want to compromise your investment returns.

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