Web Design Tips For Shopping Sites

Do you own an online shopping site? Consumers are looking for great web design and a pleasant shopping experience on your website.

As an online retailer, you must place importance on web design particularly in these places: the Order Page, as well as in your Checkout Page. The design of your site’s Checkout Page should be intuitive and informative. It must have a positive reflection of the brand you carry as well as the offered services. When shoppers take their shopping cart with them, be sure that it is easy for your visitors to click on the essential pages because if not, this can trigger them to leave their carts and abandon their orders.

It is imperative for a shopping website to create a usability checklist that will outline best practices in designing the Order Page and Checkout Page.

1. Products should have comprehensive information on each one, such as short product description or prices.

2. You must provide filtering option for products. The Order Page should give users quick assistance if they want to compare and review per product type from your page.

3. Offer special price or coupons for loyal customers.

4. Give sales support hotline if customer needs further information on the target product.

5. Product availability information should be clear. State lead time if product is not readily available.

6. Some sites ask for user login or registration before customers can make an order. This might be a hindrance to sale because consumers are too lazy to create login info. Make shopping an easy experience. Let them place an order first and insert the requirement for registration somewhere in the process.

7. Shopping cart and checkout buttons should be very visible on all pages.

8. Get a simple FAQ service in case they have questions on return policy, shipping, and cancellations.

9. Your call to action should be the number one guide to shoppers. Give clear visibility on “Order here”, “Add to Cart” or “Proceed to Checkout” commands for each stage of the shopping process.

10. Show a progress bar for customers to know where they stand from ordering their items to checking out.

To obtain the right online presence, you must create a site that will catch your customer’s attention and make them come back for more business.

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