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Getting Started

The first Month is very important in developing close working relationship. Please remember the more you invest in the early stages of your project the sooner you will see the results you need. Working with an offshore staff can be very rewarding if you take the time and effort. Without this initial investment of time your project may fail to meet your requirements.

Everyday Tasks

As you know, your staff will be working with you directly.You need to set tasks everyday for you staff to work on to leverage their time as much as possible. You will be supported by our dedicated HR and project management Team. Their job is to help you with any HR issues, helping manage your project and online tools questions.

HR And Project Management

We cannot always guarantee the best candidate will be placed correctly the first time, everytime. Just like in any employment sometimes sometimes the person is just not a good fit and we can only really know when the project is up and running. If for any reason you have any concerns or worries with your staff please contact your dedicated HR manager or Project manager….. The sooner the better here. They will help to work with you to help resolve the issue and get the project back on track. Don’t forget if at anytime you are unhappy with your new staff member you can terminate and replace staff at any time. This is a free service we offer making the whole process easier and more secure for you.

Home Based Staff

At RemoteWorkMate we offer 3 main services to fill any need you may have when hiring your virtual assistant. Weather this is your very first virtual assistant or you 50th we have the right plan for you. We have extensive experience in outsourcing to The Philippines and are here to help guide you through the whole process.  Our most popular plan is the “dedicated  staff” where we do all the work for you  giving you the most time and the most value. We suggest you use this   plan if you have never  outsourced before or have no time to mange your virtual  assistant yourself. Our HR and Project management team will  be there to assist you  with your project  making working with your VA more reliable and  productive.

 Home Based Staff Offer More Value For Your Business

 One Of Our Project Managers Working From Home

1. Dedicated Staff

How It works

Hire one or more dedicated staff that only works for you and your business we take care of all management of your staff.


2. Recruitment Only

How It works

Let us do the recruitment for you to hire your virtual assistant directly.


3. DIY Service

How It works

Use our Philippines based job site to get your own virtual assistant at the lowest price possible.


One Of Our Happy Customers

My Virtual Assistants work has been excellent. It was new for me to explain some of the online marketing tasks I need done but she did excellent once I figured out how to do this. (video screen capture with voice over worked well).

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