Do you Really Need a Serviced Office for your New Business?

Many business owners looking to streamline overhead costs are considering their options when it comes to full-service offices. Businesses today often believe either a remote or virtual address or a traditional brick and mortar address is the most cost-effective approach. Not so fast, because a fully serviced office can save more than 35% of business expenses, not to mention that the wrong choice could negatively affect your professional image.

Make a Impressive First Impression
A large percentage of clients base their buying decisions on first impressions, such as your business name, and the business address, and what access a client has when they must contact you. This plays a major role in determining if a client will choose your business or your competitor. Because a full-serviced office space is already fully equipped with all the amenities, including essential staff and equipment, it can create an impression of stability and credibility for a new business.

Some of the benefits of a serviced office include:

Flexible Office Space
With convenient move-in-ready space, businesses can quickly upgrade or downgrade their needs without making many adjustments. For businesses looking to move into a new office, a ready-made space is a paramount move because you have the convenience of an office ready for your move-in. This is one of the major advantages of serviced office space.

Fully Furnished Office
Serviced office space does not require you to purchase furnishings or equipment, thus saving you a lot of money. Serviced offices are also fully equipped with everything needed for start-up businesses. Have you ever needed to purchase a desk, chairs, conference table, and all the other equipment needed to open a new office? Everything becomes overwhelmingly expensive.

Part-time Work Space
You don’t need an office all week but you’re looking for a fixed workspace that you can consider yours? Serviced office space offers you a workspace when you need it, without unnecessary expenses, and without compromising productivity.

Direct and In-direct Costs for Set-up
When moving into an office, there are many expenses to set up phone service, internet services and more, depending on the lease you sign. You could even be responsible for your own cleaning. Serviced office space allows you to simply move in with all services in working order – upfront costs are already calculated into the one price you pay.

Bundled Services:
Get a fully-equipped office, a professional business address, and access to written communication to your customers, suppliers and business partners. You also have the advantage of telephone service personalized with the name of your company, and meeting or conference rooms.

Overall, fully serviced offices allow business owners to focus on the core business activities, while day-to-day tasks, such as all the minute overhead decisions, are greatly minimized. Whether you need an office for only one person or a shared workspace, you can find an affordable solution tailored to your needs. Your company should always strive to send the right impression to clients, and a fully serviced office can provide the right message.

About the Author
Yogesh Mankani is a commercial property consultant. He understands the importance of getting the right office premises first time. His articles mainly appear on commercial property blogs. For more serviced offices Kings Cross information, visit the link.

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