Reseller Solutions

41Your earning opportunities does not end by simply being our company’s client. You can still earn by promoting our services and becoming a RESELLER.

Reselling, in this case, basically means referring or marketing the services of Remote Workmate to your acquaintances, or business colleagues and help them earn the way you do.

The best part about our offer is the recurring income you will receive, meaning you will get paid monthly for as long as the referred client is with us.Any full time client you send our way you will be making you money each and every month!

Here are 3 simple ways you can resell our services:

  • Be the one to pass on contact information of a potential client
  • Request a unique coupon code, so you can place it all over the web.
  • Join our affiliate program
  • Start a website and sell our services under your own brand

Grab your Address Book – scan your address books or phone books for contacts that you think may need our services. Look for people who also want to share your relaxing way of earning and developing business. If you know many people that would like to hire a dedicated Philippines based staff, contact us and we’ll tell you all about how to become a reseller and how much you could be making each month.

So, what are you waiting for? Be a friend. Share the good news!