Marketing Essentials: Build Your Social Media Presence

Who would have thought that Twitter and Facebook can boost your popularity? It was not long ago that many considered these sites as time wasters. Little did we know that social sites can become one of the best places where you can cultivate your online presence.

In a short span of time, social media became a transformative tool for internet marketers. Extraordinary traffic has been received by these sites. This means that people can be found in these places. Then, if your target crowd gives plenty of time visiting these social media sites, you should have your presence inside these big communities, right?

But let’s set things straight. You want to be found, among other things, but why? We will give a few good reasons for that.

1.    Social Media sites are favored by Google because they are quality websites. To become a quality website, you must have loads of visitors. Thus, when you are found here, you are included in the good signal given by Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. As Google searches the pages, and your Facebook page has several “likes”, you will be favored too.  Thumbs up for your page, as well as re-tweets will make Google and other search engines smile at you. Thus, do strive to get your pages get liked by your Facebook friends, and your tweets definitely re-tweeted by followers.

2.    Your readers, which is your potential market, seldom go anywhere but these social media sites. Right now, there are millions of online users who would prefer to stay in Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, three of the top favorites. They stay for a long time here, every day. This, upon discovery, was an A-ha moment! for internet marketing aficionados. If you can get them to check on your updates, then you can usher them to your site. Give coupon offers, discuss timely subjects, and play games with them. The secret is all-out interaction with your target market.

3.    It’s easy to build your fan base within social media. And you cannot find that opportunity to get as many fans in other platforms, not even with readers from your blogs. With the @RT mode and thumbs-up icon in these social sites, getting people to like your posts is effortless.

Your social media presence cannot be underrated. Get involved in a marketing method that clearly reaches people in real time. GO with the flow, RIDE on the social media bandwagon.

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