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Risky business: Hiring your own Filipino virtual professional

  At Remote Workmate, we like to make the grueling recruitment process in finding your Filipino virtual staff our problem and your ultimate win. But what if you want to find your online staff by yourself? The virtual world is a wonderful but wild marketplace, so here are a few things to look out for

Why asynchronous communication is the best thing since sliced bread

New tools appear every week, all designed to allow people to connect collectively at each person’s own convenience and own schedule. When teams focus on data availability rather than synchronization, they gain in efficiency what they lose in interactivity. For the average 9-to-5 worker that deals with only a few deadlines per week and whose

Do You Have This Web Development Checklist?

As you are planning to take your business to the online market, it is good to note the things that will create good visitor’s experience for your kind of crowd. Site visits can be a great source of conversion, and there is no other way to keep people attracted to your site than these website

Philippines Currently Ranks One as BPO Destination

IBM Global Business Services is responsible for creating reports regarding the current global trends and competition in various information technology businesses. In their most recent reports, Philippines was recorded as the number one destination for business process outsourcing services, replacing India in that top spot. The two Asian countries have been competing for several years

How Virtual Staffing Solutions Work for You

The idea of building a virtual team on your own can be very vague, and at some point impossible. It is hard enough to collaborate with just one virtual employee, then it can even be five times tougher to form and collaborate with five or more employees who are working in remote locations. This is

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

In today’s fast-paced life, virtual assistants have become increasingly necessary in processing business transactions. A lot of people have availed of their services recently, but if you’re new to this kind of thing, you may wonder what a virtual assistant is. As obvious as the answer may be, it’s good to know exactly the kind

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