24/7 Support Virtual Assistant

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Outsourcing your online support has never been easier!

Everything that a company does is ideally geared towards its customers. Remote Workmate lives up with this principle, and thus recognizes how important it is also for other companies to establish meaningful relationships with their customers as one way of helping the business prosper.

Customer Support has never been cheaper and more efficient than now when you can hire online customer support staff.  A Virtual Customer Support Staff will free you from all the anxieties of attending to your customers demands, complaints, and questions.

Currently, we can help you hire part-time or full-time virtual employees that could handle inbound and outbound calls or your online chat support.

Other tasks that your new virtual assistant could help you with involve:

  • Welcoming visitors on your website
  • Inviting them to chat
  • Giving them real time information
  • Assist them in ordering
  • “Push” through relevant web pages
  • Enter visitors into a CRM system
  • Helping customers with various issues
  • Handling pre-sales and post sales
  • Escalating ticket to next level of support
  • Simultaneous chat
  • Chat satisfaction support