Fee Structure

setup Set-up fee

There is no set-up fee for regular clients, unless particular equipment is required to be set up before a project can start.

calendar Monthly fees

Once RemoteWorkmate.com finds a virtual assistant for the assignment the client presented, the client is invoiced the monthly fee on the first working day of each month.

desk Office fees (optional)

If you’d like your virtual assistant to work in an office, under supervision, you’ll need to pay an extra fee of $400AUD per month. The workstations in the offices are equipped with IBM computers, chairs, desks, headsets, phones and an ADSL internet connection.
If your virtual assistant is working from home, this cost isn’t added to the monthly fee you are paying.

money Fee increases

You have the option to increase your staff’s rate at any point of the contract, though usually this is done after the first 6 months or annually based on merit or performance.
A 5% increase in fees will occur on a yearly basis, due to inflation.

time Overtime work

Overtime work is charged at a fixed regular hourly rate. There is no extra fee above the regular hourly rate when staff works over the agreed hours or holidays. Overtime work is defined as any hours worked above 8 hours not counting the 1 hour lunch break on a 9-hour full-time shift. Overtime work is defined as any hours worked above the 4 hours shift for part-time virtual assistants.

phone Phone charges

The client is responsible for its own telephone charges and fees. RemoteWorkmate.com encourages its clients to use Skype business telephone plans and our company can help clients set up their Skype accounts on request.

no battery Absences

If a Remote Workmate virtual assistant is absent or not logged in the system for an hour (60 minutes) or more, a credit memo equal to the hourly rate will be given to the client for those corresponding hours. The credit memo will be reflected on the client’s next month’s invoice.

money Performance salary evaluation

Performance-salary evaluations are made in the 6th month after a Remote Workmate virtual assistant started working for a new client. This is done to check if the dedicated staff member is still handling the original role he/she was contracted for and to see if there is the case to discuss about an appraisal related pay for outstanding performance.