Data Entry Virtual Assistant

Remote Workmate can find for you the team you need to process huge amounts of data. You don’t need to waste your time with documents, Excel files or forms, let a virtual assistant do that for you, so you could focus your attention and energy on your core business. Here are the main tasks a virtual data entry assistant can handle:

Data Processing

  • Data processing
  • Form processing
  • Survey processing
  • Check processing
  • Image processing
  • Data mining
  • Data scrubbing
  • OCR cleansing up
  • Insurance claim processing

Data Conversion

  • Document conversion
  • XML conversion
  • HTML conversion
  • CAD conversion
  • Catalog conversion
  • Book and PDF conversion

Email us your questions and thoughts and let us help you cut staff related costs by 60%. We’re always happy to share with our potential clients many business cases to help them have a better understanding of how a remote dedicated staff can help their business advance.