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Past. Present. Future.

Some years ago we were disappointed. Our 100% Australian based staff was expensive and unreliable. We've found great talent in the Philippines, and we were amazed how loyal and cheap our remote assistants were. Our friends asked us to help them recruit Philippine-based remote workers for their companies. That is how we discovered our passion for helping other businesses grow. We decided we should help more business owners cut their labour costs.
Last year we bought RemoteWorkmate.com and extended our team in Eastern Europe so that we could be available for longer hours for UK, American and Canadian clients. We're currently promoting the benefits of hiring Philippine-based remote assistants and building long-lasting partnerships with companies from Western countries.
We plan on helping business owners achieve the remarkable prosperity they desire by further training the remote employees they hired. Each free hour a remote assistant has in their work day can be used to optimize their employer's online presence or customer service.

Helping you save money

Free Trial

We offer 3 days of free work for every Full Time Workmate Hired. Yes we'll pay for your Full Time New Employee so you can feel safe about your investment.

Free Recruitment

We'll edit or write your job ad from scratch, we'll review resumes, screen, interview and test candidates for your for free. We'll keep this service free, no matter how many people you want to hire.

Free Employee Swap

If a candidate you hire proves to be a poor fit for your team, we'll find new candidates for your review for free. You can swap under-performing remote employees at any time, also for free.


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