When was the last time a new employee offered you a competitive advantage?

We help companies and entrepreneurs outsmart their competitors by leveraging the skills and the outstanding productivity of Philippine-based remote workers.

Thanks to Philippine-based talent, many first-time entrepreneurs managed to hire the staff they needed at the right time while their competitors were still struggling to make enough money to hire just one local employee.

There are three things that make us the go-to Philippine-based virtual staff provider:

  • Our super fast and totally free recruitment process in which business owners get involved as much as they wish.
  • The single monthly invoice that covers everything – employee salary, compliance, HR services, payroll management, etc.
  • Our no work, no pay policy – work progress is followed in real time through screen shots and time tracking software.


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Why hire high-skilled workers from the Philippines?

  • Huge talent pool to fish for the best candidate for your position

The Philippine Government constantly implements strategies to support talent development, so you get highly trained employees.

  • Below average operational costs for over the top productivity

Because it’s a developing country and wages are extremely low, you can pay only 20-30% of what you would pay for a Western employee and still offer an above average salary.

Compatible jobs

  • All
  • Virtual Team
  • Content Marketing
  • Visual Communication
  • Sales
  • Telemarketing & Customer Support
  • Content Writing
  • Recruitment
  • Web & Mobile Development
  • Data Entry & Research
  • Bookkeeping & Accounting
  • Graphic & Web Design
  • Personal Assistant

About Us

What Remote Workmate is all about

Past. Present. Future.

Some years ago we were disappointed. Our 100% Australian based staff was expensive and unreliable. We've found great talent in the Philippines, and we were amazed how loyal and cheap our remote assistants were. Our friends asked us to help them recruit Philippine-based remote workers for their companies. That is how we discovered our passion for helping other businesses grow. We decided we should help more business owners cut their labour costs.
Last year we bought RemoteWorkmate.com and extended our team in Eastern Europe so that we could be available for longer hours for UK, American and Canadian clients. We're currently promoting the benefits of hiring Philippine-based remote assistants and building long-lasting partnerships with companies from Western countries.
We plan on helping business owners achieve the remarkable prosperity they desire by further training the remote employees they hired. Each free hour a remote assistant has in their work day can be used to optimize their employer's online presence or customer service.

Helping you save money

Free Trial

We offer 3 days of free work for every Full Time Workmate Hired. Yes we'll pay for your Full Time New Employee so you can feel safe about your investment.

Free Recruitment

We'll edit or write your job ad from scratch, we'll review resumes, screen, interview and test candidates for your for free. We'll keep this service free, no matter how many people you want to hire.

Free Employee Swap

If a candidate you hire proves to be a poor fit for your team, we'll find new candidates for your review for free. You can swap under-performing remote employees at any time, also for free.



Better-skilled staff, more work done for your dollar

Switch your focus on another part of the World Map and watch your staffing budget increase its value three times. You now have access to better trained and more productive workers without spending more than what you afford.

In most cases, a Philippine-based remote workmate will cost your only 30% of what you'd pay a local worker with similar work experience and education. Please check the Pricing FAQ page for further details or contact us.

Ask for a personalised cost estimate!

Position AUD USD
Social Media Manager $8-9 $6-7
Graphic/Web/PHP Developer $9-12 $7-9
General Virtual Assistant $7-8.50 $6-7
Real Estate Virtual Assistant $7.50-8.50 $6-6.50
Marketing Assistant $7.50-8.50 $6-6.50
Content Writer $7-8 $6-7
Magazine and Content Editor $8-9 $6-7
Virtual Payroll Officer $7.50-8.50 $6-6.50
Client Service Manager $7-8 $6-7
SEO Specialist $8-9 $6-7


Download free resources right now

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What traits you should look for when interviewing remote staff

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Contact us through your favourite channel. Click the “Schedule an Appointment” button to book a call with a manager or just add us on Skype to say hi and find out what a remote assistant could do for your business, our handle is diana.rwm.

If you’d like to give us a call, please select our office number suitable for where you’re calling from:

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+61 2 8294 8160 (Australia – Sydney) | +61 8 7111 3393 (Australia – Adelaide)

If you’re happy just using the contact form, do just that. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Don’t forget to tell us what is the role for which you want to hire a virtual assistant.

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